Conscious Cuisine

Food - one of the gifts from Life and one of the exquisite pleasures in this world, here for us to experience.

A medicine as much as it can be a slow toxin. An outlet for our creativity to flow into. Colours, tastes, smells, textures.

A source of joy, as we come together with our loved ones to share in the abundance and nourishment of Nature's offerings.

Conscious Cuisine offers workshops, classes, private consultations, kitchen coaching and catering.

Doorways for our Love to flow through

Our relationship to food, over time, has become somewhat distorted and generally, unhealthy.

The majority of the world has lost touch with the true purpose of food and how to relate to it in the way it was intended - a direct reflection of how we have lost touch with ourSelves.

How we choose to nourish our bodies is a reflection of how we choose to be and live in the world. A reflection of our respect and love for ourself, and others.

There is no separation between the mind, body, spirit. Between internal and external. If we wish to raise our consciousness and clarity and cleanse and purify our Being, we must do the same to our temple within which it resides

'As within, so without' and visa versa.

Just as we would clean our house - dust the shelves, take the rubbish out, clean the cobwebs, de clutter, leave our muddy shoes outside, We feel clearer, refreshed and breathe easier.

All that matters, really, is that we approach everything in this Life with Joy. Nothing needs to be a drag. We are here, purely to experience the joy of Life in all its simple pleasures, nothing more, nothing less. To experience the myriad of feelings that pulse through us moment to moment. To witness the tastes, smells, sights, sounds of the Divine in all its magnificence, however subtle or gross.

This philosophy is at the heart of Conscious Cuisine. We share from a place of love and gratitude, free from judgement and dogma, as there are no rights, wrongs or shoulds. Only free will.

When we choose to be Love and vitality, then we are effortlessly drawn to a way of living that is in alignment with that. 

Spectrum of experience

Having been on a rolar coaster ride of healing and self discovery for many years, after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at an early age, My initial quest for answers and alternatives to the doctor's prescriptions, has opened up a whole new reality for me, which I continue to explore and expand in today.

21 years old, desperate and at the end of the road, I decided to take full responsibility for my health and life and made a commitment to get well. I soon became motivated by an inquisitiveness, as I began to discover the wonders of the body and the Self, particularly in relation to nutrition. 

Through 'Conscious Cuisine', Laine shares her understanding and direct experience, so far, with her audiences to shed light and a new perspective on the topic of food and our relationship to it, offering hope and inspiration to those who are ready for discovering their higher potential and natural state of bliss!


It takes a constant, diligent, moment to moment awareness and courage, to be in this world as our authentic self. A commitment to get real and honest with oneself is essential if we are to become free of the programmings and conditionings from our past and let our natural Life Force move through us once again - to BE who we really came here to be... to live the life that was intended for us. Free from judgements, expectations, labels... control. I am the master of my reality. This is how I choose to live my life. May all beings be free to dance this spectacular Leela in the way it was intended to be danced!


"And the day came...for the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" ~ Anais Nin

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