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Here you will find an array of delicious recipe creations by Lainey that have been served at various events and gatherings. Laine’s food – fresh, alive, dynamic, simple, clean, optimally nutritious and digestible and… tasty! The recipes are designed to be easy to make by everyone, with minimal fuss and ingredients. One really needs only a few standard ingredients in the pantry and fridge! There is no substitute for the key ingredient to kitchen magic – the spice of imagination and creativity! 

Come along and play with us in the kitchen.. Check out our calendar of workshops, where we will be making some of these recipes and more!

May you be blessed with vibrant health and inspiration with these pages x

Latest Recipes:

Choc Orange orbs

View the recipe for: Choc Orange orbs


*brighten up your day*
View the recipe for: Shine

Go for Green!

One of my favourites. So fresh and revitalising
View the recipe for: Go for Green!

Brekkie Booster

As the name suggests!
View the recipe for: Brekkie Booster


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