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Conscious Cuisine offers a variety of workshops throughout the year. The classes are packed with a wealth of valuable information, demonstrations and hands on learning. Currently, the four different topics we present on are: 

‘Clean Cuisine – the fundamentals of a healthy diet’ 

‘Alive and Wild – the art of lacto fermentation’ 

‘Superfood nutrition - taking it to the next level'

‘Conscious Kids – A must for all parents!’

View our calendar below for upcoming events. Remember we have private luncheon / cooking classes in your own home or workspace. Get a group together of your own friends, family or work colleagues. Contact Lainey for more information.

Upcoming Workshops & Classes:

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Kind Words about our Workshops:

This is SUCH an amazing group and workshop schedule. Everything you share Laine Griffiths is so full of wisdom, insight, great depth and love. You have already changed my life! "
~  Alina Berdichevsky


I was lucky to have the pleasure of Laine catering for me and providing our group with instruction on the preparation of biodynamic vegetarian food on a retreat I attended recently. Laine is an absolute font of knowledge on the subject and provided useful information on the nutritional and healing qualities of the food she prepared and practical advice on how to prepare it. She is also a mistress of flavour and every dish was also a delight to eat and a visual feast. I look forward to next time she can cook for me and have included her recipes in my repertoire. "
~  Katie, Sydney


Laine’s food is fresh and delicious.  Her cuisine vibrates with love and she clearly embodies the principles with which her Conscious Cuisine is prepared.  Her presence adds depth and integrity to any gathering or workshop.  I highly recommend her culinary touch and  and look forward to feasting with her again! "
~  Pia Jones Naturopath


The kefir was in the jar the moment i got home, it has been 24 hours and it is reproducing woohoo !!! I love my new pet/doctor/guru thanks Laine your inspirational teachings are awesomeness in action X. "
~  Steven, Byron Bay


Laine presented an informative and hands on approach to new and easy techniques and ideas for a healthy diet. The workshop was diverse and she created a warm and open environment Laine is a humble and eager teacher and is also open to ideas from her students. Thanks for the inspiration Laine! "
~  Tara Murphey